Web Design & Development

Today, most existing businesses and organizations have a professional website. You might already have an idea in your mind, "I need a personal/business website.” Or, if you already have your website, "I need to improve my website or build a better one". However, before you go ahead, it's advised to take one step backward and ask yourself "Which type of website suits to my business?" If yes then, "What info should I include on my site?" Visit our THIS blog post to get your answers.

We personally advise our clients that, the website is not for you - it's for the users who visit your website.

To help you make better choices about how to build your site, ask yourself:

  • What content will be on the website?
  • What features would be available to your users?
  • What do you contribute once it's up and running?

A useful website does something of value or somehow benefits its visitors. So ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the navigation of website straightforward/simple and user-friendly?
  • Do your pages load quickly?
  • Is your website mobile friendly or responsive?

Building an attractive website isn't enough to entice your visitors, it has to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, mobile friendly and must have rich content.