Cancellation & Refunds

The term ‘iDestiny’,'iDestiny Technology Lab' or 'iDestiny Tech Lab', ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of this website. The term ‘you’ or ‘clients’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

Our Cancellation & Refund policy has been created to explain and define various scenarios under which iDestiny Technology Lab will be able to provide a refund, the procedure for claim and issuing a refund and the role of iDestiny Technology Lab in the case of such claims. By registering/purchasing for any of our services you are declaring that you accept are agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the Cancellation & Refund policy.

Scope of Provided Services

All Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development,Sofware Developemnt, SEO, Domain & Hosting Consultation Services and Maintenance of a website are always move forward after successful analysis and creation of a complete scope document, in order to ensure that our teams have full understanding of the work needed to be done, we try to elimiate/prevent the possibilities for disputes/refunds.

Raise a Complaint

  • iDestiny Technology Lab take every project with the final output in vision So, we strongly make our efforts to reach a best solution that is fully acceptable reciprocally in case of any situation where dissatisfaction related to services comes. Only when things are not working out, that refund should be considered.
  • Our goal is to come to a mutually agreed solution. Even then if for some reason you are not satisfied and think about going for a refund claim, it is our request to write to us at for any resolution request with brief explaination.
  • Only if we are unable to reach a purposed solution with you after check the dispute information and providing best resoltion, should a refund claim be filed.

Eligibility for Refund Application

At iDestiny Technology Lab, We check and delivery every aspect of client’s requirements and also start the project after confirmation of finalized set of requirements with the clients. However, despite every measure if the client is not satisfied with the results and chooses to go for the dispute resolution process, we only consider refund requests in Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development services.

  • Full refund: In cases where the project has not been initialized development/design or if the initial design style has not been approved. The Full Refund policy will initiate after receive the upfront payment date and will take upto 60 Days to refund the amouts to be credited back.
  • Partial refund: If there is a cancellaiton occur after the approval of the initial design style and the project has been started development. The partial refund will be provided in measure to the work completed. It could take upto 180 Days to calculate and measure amount to be refunded based on the work measured.
  • No refunds:If the project has been completed and uploaded on the server OR if the final result are complately functional at a time of delivery and working as expected.

For the dedicated developer work, There will be No refunds For the time that the services have already been provided. If the client is not satisfied with any level of work from the developer, they must immediately inform our project manager within 24 Hours of service provided and ask for any resolutions for the work loss/quality issues. Any negotiations at a later time will not be entertained.

Delivery Terms

  • Any refund terms are not applicable if the required information for the successful completion of the project is not given to us at proper time thus extensing the delivery time of the project. If there is delay or failure in completion of the project due to unacceptable communication/missing requirements or assets from client, iDestiny Technology Lab would not be liable for delayed timeline of purposed project.
  • A project will not to be cancelled / placed on hold unless the agreed/purposed upfront payments are cleared in timely manner.
  • In case, the information provided by the client is incomplete/wrong and/or all the required information regarding the project is not provided at a time of starting the project, iDestiny Technology Lab is not liable to follow its delivery time or refunds.
  • There is no chance for refunds/compensation for the delay of project delivery time under any conditions, unless there is an agreement signed with a penalty terms for delay in delivery time before initializing the design/development of project.

Refund Processing

Full refunds will be calculated and sent back within 60 business days of the date of cancellation and will be credited/supplied in accordance of payment method that mutually agreed upon in the beginning of the project. Eg. Refund by Bank Transfer or Cheque etc.

Partial refunds will be calculated and sent back within 180 business days of the date of cancellation and will credited/supplied in accordance of payment method that mutually agreed upon in the beginning of the project. Eg. Refund by Bank Transfer or Cheque etc.

Limitation of Liability

iDestiny Technology Lab’s liability is bound by the actual value of the portions of the whole project (as per our project requirement’s proposal) iDestiny Technology Lab is not obligated for losses due to the services provided or final product delivered or the delay in the same at any point of time. The liability to refund holds only if the project has been cancelled by the client and such cancellation has been communicated to iDestiny Technology Lab in writing. Apart from that any other third party services losses or any other providers service integrated on Project, of which iDestiny Technology Lab will not be liable.

iDestiny Technology Lab may at any time, without prior notice, can update the Cancellation & Refund policy. You are requested to review this policy periodically as per your needs. You are continue use of iDestiny Technology Lab’s services after throughly reading this policy automatically implies your acceptance of the same.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our Cancellation & Refunds policiy, kindly drop an email at